Email Usage

Why do I have to provide my email address?

Your email address will be saved locally in a cookie on your device for the purposes of sending you the parking receipt via email. The link to the session details can also be retrieved from the email if you happen to close the browser. We do not store this email address on our servers. Purchasing again or extending the session may retrieve your email address from your device if the cookie has not expired.

How can I get a copy of the receipt again if I lost it?

You can resend a copy of the receipt via the dual arrow icon on the order page if you are still on the page. If you have lost the email for a past transaction, please contact support with your vehicle plate and location details to get a copy of the receipt. 

License Plates

Why do I have to provide my license plate?

Your license plate is used to verify your vehicle as having an active session in some parking facilities. Your license plate is how we will be able to identify you. 

Can I purchase additional sessions with different license plates?

You can purchase additional sessions with each session associated with one vehicle license plate. They can be active concurrently and you can easily retrieve the session details via the link in the receipt. 


How can I pay for parking?
Reimagined Parking allows you to pay for parking in your preferred payment method. Our state-of-the-art payment service allows you to checkout securely using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or entering your credit card information directly.
Can I buy parking in advance?
Paying for parking on is intended to allow you to pay for parking when you arrive at the parking lot and have found an empty space. It is possible to initiate a parking session before you arrive, but there will be no assurance that a spot will be available. If you are unsure that a parking space will be available and don’t want to risk waiting for one to open up, only initiate a parking session when you are parked safely in the lot. 


What information do you store?
Reimagined Parking doesn't store any personally identifying information (PII). We do have analytics tracking software that monitors user behavior so we can understand how we can improve our products to benefit you. To learn more, please take a look at our Terms and Privacy Policy.