Patrol AND Enforcement

Maximize your revenue with advanced enforcement solutions. 


Strong and efficient enforcement is the key to maximizing revenues at your parking facility. Reimagined Parking can adapt an enforcement plan to best fit the needs of your property while minimizing revenue loss and simplifying the parking experience for customers. 

LPR (License Plate Recognition)

We simplify your operation with technology that uses cameras to instantly read license plates at both gated and gateless parking facilities. LPR allows for quick and seamless entry and exit from lots and garages.

Payment Options

We provide simple, easy-to-use payment options for parkers encouraging prompt payment for parking. Whether mobilized through gated or gateless Reimagined Parking’s PARCS, app-based mobile payments, or traditional meters, Reimagined Parking can integrate with LPR technology to ensure accurate monitoring and enforcement of parking. 

Enforcement Ambassadors

Our enforcement ambassadors can provide in-person assistance to customers and monitor enforcement throughout the facility.