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Our portfolio of commercial real estate properties has been the cornerstone of our success for over six decades. As the largest parking operator in North America, Reimagined Parking is unrivaled in size, experience, and resources. As we redefine the possibilities of parking, we maintain a firm commitment to leading and evolving the parking industry itself.

No matter the size or complexity of a parking facility, Reimagined Parking will meet each operational challenge using a full range of gated and ungated revenue control systems. We are a parking solutions expert with considerable experience implementing pay parking to effectively transform spaces and boost client revenues.

Reimagined Parking develops customized offerings in response to the specific needs of clients and their facilities. Our parking services agreements typically fall into one of two categories:

  • Management – featuring fixed fee or “cost plus” arrangements with full expense reporting
  • Lease – featuring a fixed base rent and participation rent

Our depth of resources, extensive in-house capabilities, and skilled operational staff ensure that client goals can be met every time while our modern, customer-focused systems and services make parking easier than ever.

We Drive Value

Commercial property owners and managers require tailored solutions to maximize the value and profitability of their unique parking assets. Reimagined Parking works collaboratively with clients to develop the best solution for the particular needs of each parking facility. With a proactive and innovative approach to management, we don’t just respond to trendswe set them. 

Reimagined Parking presents turnkey solutions that include: 




maximization of
usable space


signage and


customer service


Electric vehicle
charging stations


Car sharing


care-car amenities

Alongside creative problem-solving and innovative service solutions, the Reimagined Parking approach embraces data-driven decision-making. Area rate surveys and continuous analysis of lot potential, occupancy loads, parking profile, peak hours, and demand ensure that every parking facility we operate achieves its maximum potential.


With today’s diverse user groups, commercial property owners and managers need a responsive and innovative parking operator that can deliver a competitive edge in the increasingly fierce battle for parking customers. As experts in the management of commercial parking operations, it is our mission to deliver new and innovative services that will attract and retain your parking customers. 

PARCS Procurement

Selecting suitable technical equipment requires extensive knowledge and expertise. Reimagined Parking aims to achieve a client’s operational goals by recommending ideal technology based on distinct criteria. Through our high-volume purchasing power, we can leverage great savings for our partners.

Monthly Parking

Our user-friendly online system saves customers valuable time. Customers can update their information, modify parking options, and view their statements in real-time. All metrics are captured through extensive reporting capabilities.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

In the event of equipment malfunction, remote monitoring provides a seamless customer service experience while reducing onsite staffing costs. Our professional customer care team has detailed knowledge of multiple automated systems and access to customer data for timely assistance.


Reimagined Parking maintains a comprehensive in-house sign production facility. We design, produce, and install a wide range of parking-oriented signage. Our high-quality packages are professionally developed, cost-effective, and consistently branded.

Facility Maintenance

Reimagined Parking maintains a safe and clean environment that improves customer experience and reduces liability claims. We offer a wide range of maintenance services, including garage sweeping, line painting, waste removal, power washing, and a 60-point facility inspection.

Mobile Payment

Reimagined Parking promotes maximum payment compliance and streamlines the customer parking process through app-based mobile payment. Ticketless, touchless, and easily trackable, mobile payment takes the tediousness out of paying for parking.

Payment Security

Reimagined Parking takes PCI obligations very seriously and maintains the highest levels of accreditation in the parking industry. We maintain a dedicated team focused specifically on risk mitigation to fully protect our clients and customers.


O-Valet is a comprehensive, ticketless valet management software system that delivers a complete, yet simplified experience for valet patrons. Scalable to any operation, O-valet provides a turnkey solution that offers innovative vehicle request capabilities, vehicle inventory management, staffing metrics, and integrated payment processing.

Patrol & Enforcement

Our professional parking enforcement services offer a reliable solution for maintaining order and compliance in your parking facilities. With our state-of-the-art technology and efficient strategies, we help you optimize parking space utilization while improving the overall experience for your customers.

Case Studies

Discover how Reimagined Parking scales and adapts to all types of commercial parking operations.

Bustling marketplace at AmericasMart.


Find out how our proprietary, ticketless PARCS technology improved ingress and egress and ensured accurate fee collections at AmericasMart.
Parking garage in Downtown Toronto.

206 Simcoe St.

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