Unlock your parking operation’s potential with integrated transportation services. 


Reimagined Parking provides shuttle services ranging from large commercial buses at multi-lot facilities to courtesy shuttles and vans at smaller venues. We use leading-edge logistics systems to create the most efficient routes with the shortest wait times. Our safety training for shuttle operations follows the National Safety Council curriculum and ensures that your customers arrive having enjoyed a smooth, safe ride.

We enhance your operation with shuttle buses that take your customers to and from remote parking locations and other designated pickup points. Our transportation division provides complete shuttle packages including driver training, the acquisition of vehicles, maintenance, and insurance coverage.

Accessibility and Convenience

Reimagined Parking takes great care to ensure each customer arriving at your facility will have a convenient and positive parking experience. For larger operations, shuttles and other transportation considerations can greatly improve accessibility to the services on your property.


Shuttle operations can be complex, in that they often work in tandem with other forms of transportation (park and ride, public transportation, etc.). Our extensive experience in shuttle operations, as well as our relationships with shuttle technology providers, allows for a seamless experience for our clients and their riders. Led by a team of industry experts, Reimagined Parking ensures each of our shuttle operations lives up to our high expectations of excellent customer service and seamless operational efficiency.