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We don’t just work to receive your business, we invest to keep it. It’s academic!


With multiple parking lots and garages and a full range of parking entitlements to manage, the complexity of university and college parking programs demands an expert touch. With Reimagined Parking’s innovative e-permit system and creative pricing models that successfully manage demand for campus parking, university, and college administrators can trust that their parking assets are in good hands.


Like you, we believe that learning is the engine of progress. Our parking experts are continually putting their minds to work to uncover better, smarter, and more efficient ways of managing parking facilities.

Ultimately, our goal is to deliver a leading-edge campus parking program that exceeds service expectations and offers all parkers greater convenience.

Services That Make the Grade​

With decades of experience managing parking operations on educational campuses, we work hard to anticipate the parking needs of students and faculty throughout the school year, while improving traffic flow and boosting revenues.


Managing large volumes of vehicles and spikes in total traffic requires round-the-clock attention to the most minute details. We plan for these peaks long before your faculty and students even think about registering for classes. Surveying ingress and egress patterns and ensuing proper flow of transit vehicles through campus intermodal centers are but a few of the areas our team is consistently in-tuned with. We have partnered with several technology providers to integrate parking permitting and enforcement while customizing access privileges based on your specific hierarchical needs. At Reimagined Parking, we educate our staff in parking excellence!


Today’s university and college demographics represent a diverse population of consumers with varying levels of technological adoption. No longer does a one-size-fits-all approach work when solving the delicate balance of supply and demand. Reimagined Parking deploys multiple customizable solutions within each campus we manage; often combining customized apps, mobile LPR (License Plate Recognition) system, and automated pay machines. Forcing everyone to use a single means of accessing and processing their transaction only serves to congest the program, resulting in delayed class starts and decreased efficiencies.


University of the Fraser Valley

University of the Fraser Valley

Case Studies

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University of the Fraser Valley

University of the Fraser Valley

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Douglas College

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Montclair State University

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