Municipal Parking Operations

We partner with you to maximize returns on your parking assets.


Your municipality operations may include any combination of parking lots, garages, on-street and off-street parking – all of which may have different operating methodologies, equipment, staffing, and enforcement requirements. At Reimagined Parking, we know municipal parking systems demand a knowledgeable operator with a wealth of diverse experience. Reimagined Parking is the largest operator of municipal parking systems in the U.S. and maintains parking management contracts with numerous cities across North America. With comprehensive patrol and enforcement capabilities, a team of technology experts to manage facility automation and equipment upgrades, and strong customer service support, Reimagined Parking has the resources to deliver the returns city governments need to support their communities and constituents.


Reimagined Parking and its subsidiaries focus on building strong client and customer relationships to ensure maximum responsiveness and optimize returns on your parking assets. Our corporate structure is designed to provide high levels of support to our municipal clients and frontline staff, allowing us to be highly adaptable and deliver more than our competitors.

Case Studies

Discover how Reimagined Parking can elevate your city’s parking operations in the following case studies.

Sutter-Stockton Garage

Find out how we improved customer safety and satisfaction and reduced vehicle break-ins by 83%.

City of Omaha

Find out how we increased on-street revenue by 70% and lowered payroll hours by 30%.

City of Hartford

Find out how we increased revenue by 50% with a collection rate of 85%.


Reimagined Parking provides a full range of parking services to our municipal clients. Whether you require management support for a single block of on-street parking or a combination of large garages and surface parking lots, we have the services your city needs to provide a smooth parking operation for your citizens.


For municipal governments, we know the importance of balancing public relations with optimal business practices and development partners. The requirements for planning and executing a large municipal parking system are extensive. That’s why Reimagined Parking has developed a successful business model, based on a wide breadth of municipal experience, crafted to adapt and respond to the demands of government bodies and other stakeholders.


The Reimagined Parking Ambassador training approach is characterized by the mindset that our parking staff are representatives of your city or community. Our staff are not only enforcing parking, cashiering, performing maintenance, or other operational tasks – we are also the positive face of parking for the customers and citizens in your city.


Reimagined Parking has developed a full set of features to manage every aspect of citation processing. From customer initiation to final citation resolution, everything is incorporated into one management system. With the newest technology and a user-friendly interface, the system can easily accommodate online payments, ticket backlogs, calls from violators, SQL database, data queries, remote hosting, real-time communication, notice printing, mailing notices, and posting payments.

Meet the Expert

Laura Lierz – Vice President, Municipal Services

Laura joined Reimagined Parking in 2019 as Vice President of Municipal Services to exclusively serve the company’s public-sector clients. Laura has more than 26 years of experience in the parking industry and has acted in a variety of professional capacities.

Laura began her parking industry career as an event attendant at the University of Colorado Boulder. She went on to manage events and enforcement, special projects, and summer conference sales, and support the parking management system. She transitioned to the private sector, where she spent the next 19.5 years at T2 Systems in multiple roles, including support, account management, business development, and operations. Under operations, Laura developed and managed the lead generation and product consultant teams. Laura transitioned to Cale America in 2015, where she was responsible for account management and business development. Laura is frequently associated with providing organizations with analyses of their current parking operations and demonstrating products, services, and how to improve efficiencies and ROI.

Laura is a founding member of NWPA (now known as PIPTA) and currently serves as PIPTA Chair. Laura has a passion for parking and has presented on a variety of topics at IPMI and state and regional associations.