Safety and Security

Protect your parkers, property, and peace of mind. 


We protect and support your customers and your property with a holistic CX (customer experience) program. Our CX tech stack includes remote video monitoring and audio intervention, access management, and high-resolution, and intelligent cameras for round-the-clock monitoring. This remote monitoring is supplemented by our skilled cross-trained personnel, who act as vigilant safety ambassadors, knowledgeable concierge, and traffic control experts.


With over three decades of experience managing hospital parking operations and a specialized division (Impark HEALTH) dedicated to supporting our clients in the healthcare industry, Reimagined Parking has made it our mission to take care of the carers. With this in mind, we work hard to anticipate the needs of our healthcare clients (and the people they serve) now and into the future by offering a full range of traditional and cutting-edge services.

Electronic CX

We help your customers, employees, and residents feel safe and secure by implementing cutting-edge solutions that streamline technology delivery.


Through intelligent cameras and video-voice technology, we remotely provide solutions such as virtual escorts, virtual doormen, virtual safety patrols, and more.

Mobile CX

Via our marked vehicles, we’re prepared to patrol your property, identify safety concerns, lock and unlock facilities, and provide after-hours safety escorts and more.

Cross-Trained Staff

We triple-train our committed team members in concierge, traffic management/way-finding services, and safety ambassador tasks and responsibilities so that they can step up to any task in your parking operation with confidence and expertise. We know that investing in our staff translates to an investment in your success.

Our ambassadors ensure the safety and financial performance of our parking and facility operations through hands-on patrol and customer service techniques.